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Misconceptions about the Law of Attraction August 24, 2014

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in Concept of personal growth, Law of Attraction.
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One of the more prominent recent concepts within the discipline of personal growth and development is the concept of the Law of Attraction.

One of the basic “principles” behind the Law of Attraction is that whatever we focus on strongly (such as thinking about something a lot) the Universe will take notice of and will help enable.

This applies to negative focusing as well as positive.

If we spend most of our thinking time focusing on the existing negatives and the potential negatives (our current and future problems; lack now, and future lack; what’s wrong now and what will be wrong with our lives) chances are that not much if any positive good will result.

Conversely, if we spend most of our thinking time on the positives of our lives and the potential positives, the likelihood is that favorable outcomes will occur.

At least that’s the theory. But there are two components missing.

Unless we believe in an interventionist Universe and interventionist God, then how does the Law of Attraction actually operate?

It works by coupling: (1) the concept of Intention (2) with Action.

If we look at any particular Intention as a goal, it is clear that to achieve it, we will need to have an action plan.

Stating, or writing out our Intentions and reviewing them constantly is a sound practice. It reinforces what we want out of life now and in the future.

But without related goal-oriented actions however, our Intentions will be little more than positive reinforcement, or at worst, wishful thinking.

Personal growth: Relying too much on self-sufficiency August 21, 2014

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in Concept of personal growth, Goal Setting and Realization.
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In our efforts towards self-improvement and personal development we can make the mistake of thinking we can achieve all of our goals solely by using our own “inner resources.”

Aiming at achieving increased personal self-sufficiency is an important goal in the overall process of self-actualization.

To get to that emotional and intellectual destination, however, the journey will be easier and more productive if we can learn from the experiences and knowledge of others.

Effective personal growth is a skill acquisition process, and like any skill, it needs (in varying degrees) to be learned from others who have experience and information about pursuing this particular path.

Consider this comment from the Chinese sage Confucius, as noted in The Analects as translated by David Hinton in his book The Four Chinese Classics:

“I am not one who was born with great wisdom. I love the ancients and diligently seek wisdom among them.”

We do need to be selective, however, in our choices of the personal growth experts we will follow.

So make sure the author/writer you decide to use as a guide/example is someone whose words truly resonate with your personality, circumstances, and outlook.

Don’t follow someone just because they are popular.