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Ego Management: Focus on what you can control October 5, 2012

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in Ego Management, Goal Setting and Realization.
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In the ongoing effort to manage or control our ego (that constantly chattering voice inside our head) we often spread ourselves too thin, and set up a path for failure, by tackling areas of our lives over which we have little or no control.

Instead, although it is difficult, we should look at our life situation analytically and make an effort to decide which areas of our overall life circumstances are within our power to change and which areas are beyond our ability to effect change.

There is a traditional prayer asking for the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, for courage to change the things we can, and for the wisdom to know the difference.

Being able to know the difference will take a lot of internal work for each of us, but it is key to success in calming that inner voice that wants us to look at every problem as being solvable by us.



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