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Marc Allen talks about the power of affirmations February 2, 2020

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in personal development ideas.
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In our search for ways to achieve our goals in personal development, many people find success through using the techniques of visualization and  affirmations.

Marc Allen, in a video of just over 11 minutes in length, talks about some of the ways he has achieved his dreams.

He explores a number of the techniques for self-realization that he used and continues to use, and answers some common questions.

  1. Why don’t more people achieve success?
  2. Setting and achieving goals
  3. Overcoming doubts and fears
  4. The power of affirmations
  5. When and how should we affirm?
  6. The power of our subconscious
  7. How negative or limited thinking interferes with our achieving our goals
  8. How to stay on course with your goals and aspirations
  9. The power of the Internet

Here’s the link to the video in which Marc shares his views on why “The power of our minds is incredible.”



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