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Personal growth: The inner rewards of in-depth knowledge August 31, 2017

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in Personal Development Potential.
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In the internal work we do towards achieving our personal development potential, there can be great satisfaction in having full command over one aspect of our studies.

We often achieve significant mastery in the work we do to earn a living. We become experts in our vocation.

But because of the seemingly endless/alternate approaches to personal success and the overall complexity of the general topic of self-improvement, it can sometimes seem that we are putting in a lot of effort, but not making much progress towards achieving our goals.

We might say that all of our work “makes us a better person” but we still seek something more definitive and concrete.

Carl Jung in writing about psychology said:

“Our profession is such that one has to deal with many subjects. But this gives one the feeling of being an amateur in all things. That is why I wanted to study at least one area thoroughly down to its roots – and that (area) was alchemy.”

Perhaps we should each choose one area of personal development to investigate and study it more thoroughly.

Doing so might help us reach a new level of fulfilment in our journey.

— Dennis Mellersh


Personal development: The implications of acceptance August 31, 2017

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in Personal Development Potential.
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In much of the literature of personal growth theory there is a repeating theme of the need to bring the practice of acceptance into our lives.

We are told that without adhering to the principle of acceptance, we will be frozen into the judgemental world we are trying so hard to escape through programs directed at reaching our full personal development potential.

Eckhart Tolle, in his book, Practicing the Power of Now, views acceptance as a form of surrender, and compares it with its opposite, resistance:  “Bondage or inner freedom from external conditions. Suffering or inner peace.”

Non-surrender ultimately means expending significant intellectual and moral energy on the act and implications of resistance:

“If you can never accept what is, by implication you will not be able to accept anybody the way they are. You will judge, criticize, label, reject, or attempt to change people.”

— Dennis Mellersh