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Personal development bad habit: being too hard on yourself November 2, 2017

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in Personal Development Potential.
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There’s not much use in our diligently following a program of personal growth, if at the same time we are constantly minimizing our accomplishments.

Humility is a desirable personal characteristic to cultivate, but taken too far, unwarranted humility can result in “putting ourselves down”, and subtracting from our self-confidence.

We are all familiar with the egotist, the braggart, the one who’s always right.

These types don’t need a self-actualization program – they are already perfect in every way.

But for the rest of us struggling with reaching our potential with self-improvement in a difficult world, we should not be so critical of ourselves; struggle is part of the human condition.

Nothing new here; just a reminder to show a little kindness.

In this case, to ourselves.

— Dennis Mellersh


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