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Goals and personal growth: “Getting it done.” October 14, 2012

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in Goal Setting and Realization.
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One of the characteristics we may tend to develop in pursuing a program of personal growth, or self-improvement, is that we sometimes can become overly analytical about our short, medium, and long term goals.

This can result in too much time spent in preparation for a goal and too little time in doing what is required to realize the goal.

We focus too much on the ultimate results we want concerning our goal, but don’t pay enough attention to executing the “do” things that will get us there.

Too much planning, at times, can result in too little accomplished.

MLB baseball manager Joe Girardi, in talking about challenges facing his team in the playoffs in 2012 said the same principles of achievement apply in baseball as they do  in life. “I’m talking about everyone that goes through struggles in life or goes through pain in life,” Girardi said.

“We just have to find a way to get it done.”

“You have to make adjustments.”


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