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Personal growth: Allowing tomorrow to spoil today July 26, 2018

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in personal development ideas.
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Unless we believe in the existence of time travel, there is no way the future can physically reach us today, yet we often do allow tomorrow to be with us today on the level of thought.

Inviting tomorrow to be with us today is mostly harmless if we restrict the practice to optimistic thinking about what tomorrow will hold.

But more often than not the experience is not positive, and is instead detrimental; because instead of optimism, we often project our fears and negative thinking.

We sometimes tend to forward-think a current fear, serious problem, or significant personal challenge not only into tomorrow, but into our overall future in its totality.

We fearfully think that whatever our problem is, that it will never go away, that it will never be solved.

This harmful thinking tendency can result from focussing to the point of obsession about the existence and parameters of the problem itself instead of taking any action steps, or making even a beginning intellectual effort towards considering possible solutions to the problem.

“What’s the use?”

We all can get trapped into this loop, particularly if we are fatigued, “stressed out” or at a low energy level due to unhealthy eating habits, or insufficient sleep.

For each of us to break this habit will take a lot of internal work.

It’s an ongoing process, but starts with recognizing the logical reality that most of our problems, even the very tough ones, have some form of solution.

—  Dennis Mellersh