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Break a negative habit by making its elimination part of a positive larger goal October 18, 2012

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in Ego Management, Self-Discipline.
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As part of our programs of personal development or self-improvement, and ego management, we include looking for ways to accentuate our good habits and for ways to reduce or eliminate our bad habits.

I recently came across a comment of someone who eliminated their smoking habit.

This person indicated they were facing a number of serious challenges in their life, and decided that it was foolish to use up valuable energy through the habit; energy that could better put into meeting the challenges in life that the person was facing.

Overall, this translates into a concept of removing the energy-draining properties of a bad habit by making the elimination of the habit a key component in achieving a larger positive goal.

Instead of the focus being solely on the negative aspects of the habit, attention should thereby be given to the positive potential of increasing our contribution to achieving our goals in life and in our personal development key result areas, by eliminating the habit.


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