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Achieving goals: “Talk does not cook rice.” December 4, 2012

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in Goal Setting and Realization.
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When working on our personal growth programs, there is a trap we can fall into of creating an imbalance of too much information input and not enough output in the form of action.

This can be true with both our major life goals and our shorter term goals, or the tasks we want and need to accomplish on our path to our larger goals.

The reason we engage ourselves in personal development, or self-improvement, is so we can make efforts towards moving forward with our lives in a positive direction.

The danger lies in becoming addicted to absorbing a constant stream of advice from personal development leaders, but not taking real and specific actions on the areas we want to improve in our overall life situation.

I am guilty of this myself, as it can be quite soothing, particularly when we are faced with fears and doubts, to take comfort in the positive messaging of recognized personal growth experts.

That is why I like the self-explanatory Chinese proverb at the beginning of this post:

“Talk does not cook rice.”


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