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Personal growth: Bringing the future into the present May 21, 2014

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in Goal Setting and Realization, Planning.
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In the personal growth and development movement, experts tell us that planning is critically important if we are to make meaningful progress in our self-improvement efforts.

Goals are an important part of this strategy, as is doing some thinking about where we want to go or what our destination is in our journey of growth.

The goals we set for ourselves can be varied, and might include:

* Improving self-awareness
* Learning new skills
* Building self esteem
* Cultivating and building existing talents and strengths
* Improving our quality of life
* Developing greater integrity
* Managing our ego and emotions

Whatever our objectives, planning will be important to realize these goals.

How then does planning help us?

We can’t re-create the past, nor can we actually do anything in the future, because we are not there yet.

I came across an excellent definition of planning while reviewing some of my older notes:

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so you can do something about it now.” (1)

So, by planning, we are actually taking action about the future in the present, the only time segment in which we can really accomplish anything in our growth program.

(1) Unfortunately, I did not make a note of who made this comment, so I am not able to provide a source for further reading


1. time period - February 19, 2023

time period

Personal growth: Bringing the future into the present | Personal Development Ideas

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