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Personal growth: Benefits of increased self-awareness May 22, 2014

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in Concept of personal development, Personal Development Potential.
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One of the significant results you can expect from your planned program of personal development and growth is increased self-awareness.

You already have the attribute of knowing yourself pretty well or you would not have seen the need for a regimen of self-improvement in various areas of your life.

Whatever concept or template you are developing for your program, increased self-awareness, or self-knowledge will be a likely by-product.

It’s a natural outcome of doing the serious internal work you are planning.

And, if you are looking to your personal growth work as a means to achieve or establish identity or to develop a sense of purpose in your life, acquiring self-knowledge and self-awareness is a foundational step.

You may have a variety of goals for your program such as:

* Developing competence in a skill
* Managing your emotions
* Building greater self-reliance
* Developing integrity
* Increasing your leadership potential
* Becoming better organized
* Acquiring time-management skills
*Furthering your formal education

With each step you take towards the accomplishment of your goals, you will add to your self-knowledge, or self-awareness, and ultimately your self-esteem.


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