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Personal growth: Many small actions result in big success March 16, 2017

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in Personal Development Potential.
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By Dennis Mellersh

Achieving success with personal improvement and development programs is like completing any worthwhile, complex, long-term, large-scale project.

The best results are usually achieved incrementally by working on bite-size portions as often as possible.

Instead we often dismiss that approach and instead opt for doing something more substantial and significant when we “have more time.”

And predictably, “having more time,” happens infrequently, sometimes not at all.

If we wait for great swathes of free time, our book will never get written.

But if we write a hundred words a day, it will materialize reasonably quickly.

If we wait until we develop a grand plan for helping others it may never happen.

But if we put some clothing in a collection box today, we have already started on an outward- looking path of service to others.

And we have all learned from experience that if we want to learn something like a new language, “cramming` is the least effective way to do it.

Our goals of achieving our full potential in personal development will respond best to frequent, and ideally daily, action-oriented reinforcement.


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