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Personal growth: Is self-improvement eventually futile? December 20, 2017

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in Concept of personal development.
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When we are relatively young, the concept of personal growth and self-actualization seems like a far-reaching highway to endless vistas of possibilities; but as we grow older it’s possible we may reach the point where our efforts at further self-improvement may seem to have little rationale, or justification.

In his book, Before the Sabbath, the philosopher Eric Hoffer writes:

“Coming of short-lived stock, I have felt most of my life that my days were numbered. Yet only now, at seventy-three, do I have the feeling that there is no time left to make good what is lost or damaged – that any mistake I make is irremediable.”

It might be true as Hoffer implies that by the time we are elderly that we may run out of time to correct past mistakes; but actually, throughout our entire life, we are only one heartbeat away from oblivion.

I think the joy we obtain from our efforts in personal growth is in the process, even if the results may be imperfect.

So why not keep trying.

— Dennis Mellersh