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A creative hobby can help improve your personal growth program May 10, 2018

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in personal development ideas.
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For anyone who is putting a lot of effort into their personal development program, the process can involve a lot of work, and take on the feeling of a job or chore; all of which can have a depleting effect on our physical, emotional, and mental energy reserves.

One way to help overcome this and keep our energy reserves in balance is to add a creative hobby component to our self-improvement routines.

A creative hobby could involve many forms; arts and crafts, such as painting or drawing; making pottery; or learning a musical instrument; creative writing; studying and doing woodworking.

If you Google “creative hobbies” you will find hundreds of suggestions that you might want to investigate.

If you find a find a hobby that you really enjoy it can help put your mind and emotions into a different zone or plane…one where you are so absorbed that you forget for a while the problems and challenges that each of face every day.

Hobbies have a physical and emotional restorative power, and that attribute can inject more energy into our self-actualization work.

The key: Don’t turn your creative outlet into just another “I have to do this” routine; don’t make it a work project.

PS: There’s an interesting article on the mental and emotional restorative value of hobbies, and in particular the dangers of turning a hobby into yet another productivity-oriented chore, in the New York Times:

— Dennis Mellersh