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Personal growth: Omitting the key ingredient in self-help April 8, 2018

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in personal development ideas.
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If we aren’t careful in how we go about implementing the personal development ideas we admire, we can end up spending so much time planning, researching, reading, or watching videos, that we lose focus on the need for concrete initiative — taking actions to reach our goals.

We may, for example, make affirmations about a goal or a personal characteristic which we want to develop instead of taking, for example, even one small action step each day towards achieving that particular goal.

An old Chinese adage states, “Talk does not cook rice.”

Yet often we may do the equivalent of talking about cooking rice, by extensively studying self-actualization materials, but then postpone the actualization part of the equation, the action component.

Absorbing information, but not-doing is a comfortable and easy trap that any of us can fall into, a trap that can make our self-improvement efforts an illusion instead of a reality.

Theory + Action by Self = Actualization

Dennis Mellersh