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Personal development idea: Setting limits on our expectations April 16, 2018

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in personal development ideas.
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When any of us are tempted to jump onto/into the latest self-help system for achieving our goals, we might want to bear in mind a phrase that advertisers of certain products and services sometimes use in the “small print” of their promotional material; a phrase  designed to provide to cover in case of consumer dissatisfaction.

The phrase, or one with equivalent meaning, is often used with products, systems, and services involving generic experiences of users or testimonials involving actual people who have successfully used the product, system, or service.

The phrase, or one like it, is of course…”your experience may differ.”

In the world of self-actualization effort, it’s natural to want to try the latest thing on offer, just like an artist wanting to try out a new line of paints, brushes, or drawing materials.

It just that we need to mentally give ourselves a “small print” warning that when we try something new after being convinced by the promotional material…

“Results shown are not typical. Your experience may differ.”

It’s also a heads-up that we should not be too hard on ourselves whenever we try something new in self-improvement and the results are less than we anticipated.

Dennis Mellersh