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Searching for the ultimate personal development book February 27, 2012

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in Personal Growth Books.
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In trying to reach our personal development goals, many of us have spent a lot of time looking for the ultimate self-help book that would help us with solving our problems. And throughout the years we bought many such books. But if your experience is anything like mine, we found there was, unfortunately, no ultimate book with all the answers to our personal difficulties.

In my home, what seems like hundreds of these books are stuffed in bookshelves, and lurking in every corner, many of them with multi-colored Post-It  notes sticking out of certain pages, and littered with red underlining.  “Especially important” insights in these books might have extra underlining in blue or green.

And yet, the search for the perfect book with all the answers goes on.  Despite having enough personal growth books to start a small library on the topic, I continue to buy them. If I had $5 for each self-improvement book I have bought over the years, I could probably afford a very nice vacation and thereby improve myself by relaxing and meditating on a beach in some exotic location.

Generally, I have found that  each of these books do  usually contain some helpful advice or kernel of information,  that might help with a particular problem such as trying to manage our ego, control our temper,  accomplish more in less time, help us to stop procrastinating, or live in the present moment – you know the rest of the list.

The Internet and search engines, of course, have simplified this quest for personal growth information, and it’s usually free. So now, although I still buy a few of these books I am not spending a lot of money on them.  I am however spending a lot of time online in a continuing search for the answers to life’s challenges.

Ultimately, I suppose this is a harmless habit , but I sometimes  need to remind myself, that in some instances, just doing something proactive and taking even small steps towards a achieving a goal, or overcoming a problem, might be more reassuring and productive  than reading yet even more about how deal with my problems.