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Why personal development tools are easier (quicker) to design than to use March 17, 2014

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in Concept of personal development.
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If a brilliant and technically savvy 15-year old can design a personal-growth digital app relatively quickly that helps the user overcome procrastination (it’s been done), can the same 15-year old implement his/her own personal development program with equal facility and speed?

Probably not, even though both are change-applications.

Generally speaking, designing a specific and highly targeted app or gadget can be a short process, although granted, acquiring the technical knowledge and ability to do so can take considerable time.

Perceiving the need for a personal growth gadget or app requires excellent social and market recognition skills; implementing your own personal growth paradigms takes wisdom.

And the achievement of wisdom is a difficult and slow process – often life-long.

Within the world of the personal growth and self-improvement business or industry, devices such as templates, plans, and formulas are essentially gadgets or apps. They are tools.

It is likely that with flashes of inspiration a specific tool for carpentry can be designed relatively quickly.

Becoming a master carpenter takes considerably more time.

The same with personal growth.