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Personal growth: Regrets for what we did not do October 21, 2017

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in Living in the Now.
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All of us have done things in our lives, that on reflection, we wish we had not done. But for the most part, studies show, people regret more what they didn’t do in their lives.

* The friends we didn’t keep in touch with

* The time we didn’t spend with our families

* The enjoyable projects we did not undertake

* The apology we didn’t make

* The good intention that we didn’t follow-up on

* The money we didn’t save

But all of this “not doing” is not a pattern we willfully construct.

Rather, I think, it’s the result of thinking there will always be a tomorrow, when eventually and inevitably there will be no tomorrow.

As part of our personal development and self-actualization efforts, we need to remind ourselves of this reality and focus on the opportunities we have today.

Not the opportunities we might have tomorrow.

—Dennis Mellersh