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Personal growth: The permanent vs the non-permanent June 17, 2014

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in Concept of personal growth, Personal Development Potential.
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In choosing to follow the path of a self-improvement program, you have essentially made the significant and ultimately rewarding choice of a philosophy of living that leans towards the permanent as opposed to the transitory.

This choice can be a strong foundation of inner strength that will act as a buffer when you encounter the inevitable bumps, roadblocks, and detours that inevitably occur throughout an active life.

The values and principles of your program will help to enable you to develop a variety of personal qualities or characteristics that will remain with you regardless of the status of your material world.

Money, employment, and material possessions can come and go; but what is in our hearts and minds – the qualities we strive to foster through realizing our personal development potential – will remain with us.

Qualities such as: generosity, empathy, understanding, tolerance, acceptance, gratitude, patience, moderation, honesty, and eventually, wisdom.

In speaking of the world of impermanent things, the Analects of Confucius offer the following:

“Standing beside a river, the Master said: ‘Everything passes away like this, day and night, never resting.'”(1)

(1) Confucius, The Analects, as translated by David Hinton in his book, The Four Chinese Classics


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