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Personal development: Does multi-tasking have a downside? March 17, 2017

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in Goal Setting and Realization.
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By Dennis Mellersh

In seeking to accelerate our progress towards reaching our potential through personal growth programs and their associated practices, we may be tempted to turn to multi-tasking as a solution.

But when the concept of multi-tasking is applied incorrectly then it is not necessarily an effective choice.

Multi-tasking will generally be counter-productive if it is viewed, for example,  as having a big to-do list for the day and constantly jumping from one task to another, thus giving us the feeling that we are accomplishing a lot.

Unfortunately we are more likely to be doing our tasks less efficiently than if we tackled them one by one and focused on each of them separately until they are completed.

It’s hard to focus on two things at once and expect fully productive results.

It’s like the habit many of us have of reading a book, the newspaper, or a magazine, for instance, while we are eating.

We don’t get the same reward from either enjoying our food, or appreciating what we are reading, than if we did both tasks separately.


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