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Self-actualization: Fantasy and dreams versus reality March 23, 2017

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in Concept of personal growth.
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By Dennis Mellersh

Within our internal world of personal growth and self-improvement ambitions there is a danger of fantasising about our goals instead of taking immediate steps to achieve them.

When we are younger, our brains seem to be hard-wired to be unable to really come to grips with our mortality, to recognize the limited time we have to accomplish our dreams.

The result of thinking, probably subconsciously, that “there is plenty of time” to do everything we want is that we may tend to dream about or imagine achieving our goals at some vague point in the future , rather than actually working on them today.

* If we want to be an artist who paints successful pictures, we need to spend time now developing the required skill-set and then actually start painting

* If we want to own and run our own business, we need to acquire, starting right now, the necessary grounding in understanding how business works

* If we want to be a writer, we need to start learning the craft today, not tomorrow, and start writing something as often as possible, ideally every day

Thinking about a dream and imagining its achievement, if overdone, can end up being a substitute for actually achieving the dream.


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