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Personal development: Recognizing a downside of power June 12, 2017

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in Personal Development Potential.
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One of the points of trying to realize our personal development potential is to gain more control over the unfolding of our lives.

We want more power to influence outcomes.

However, having power, in addition to its benefits, can have drawbacks, particularly when it comes to having power over people.

Author Michael Korda issues this warning:

“…for most of us, the purpose of power is not to make ourselves responsible for others, but to protect ourselves. The wise man soon learns that omnipotence is servitude. Too much power over other people can be almost as bad as falling into the clutches of people who think they have the right to run your life.”

(1) Michael Korda in his book, Power! How to Get It, How to Use It



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