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Personal growth: Enabling our feelings one day at a time January 25, 2018

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in Goal Setting and Realization.
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In our personal development efforts towards efficiency and effectiveness, many of us start our day with a prioritized to-do list, but in addition to focussing on actions, we may be able to improve our sense of well-being by also focussing on the feelings we would like to develop within ourselves during the day.

Feelings such as:

Calmness and peacefulness

Gratitude for the good things in our life

Trusting in our intuition

Looking forward to the experiences of the day

Thinking about doing what we love.

The suggestion to focus at the beginning of each day on the feelings we would like to develop during the  day is a key element in Arnold Patent’s  concept of the Ideal Day Exercise.

Patent discusses this and other self-actualization ideas in his his book entitled You Can Have it All : The art of winning the money game and living a life of joy.

He writes:

“The ultimate function of the Ideal Day Exercise is to put us in touch with the only part of us that is real – our joyfulness…Each day that we do the Ideal Day Exercise, we release more joyfulness.”

An idea we might consider trying.

— Dennis Mellersh


1. G - January 26, 2018

Very well said. Self-actualization is what has made me me. Thank you for sharing ❤

Dennis Mellersh - January 31, 2018

Twenty-Three, you have some interesting articles on your blog. Keep writing.

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