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Personal growth: Does self-help theory ignore societal problems? April 14, 2018

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in personal development ideas.
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Some recent criticism of the self-help movement and theory suggests that there is too much focus on the individual and the concept of the power of self-actualization and not enough attention being paid to some of society’s systemic problems.

This criticism could be based on a misconception or over-simplification of what is actually involved in what the responsible and ethical self-help movement is advocating.

Accountable self-help ideas and theory recognize that a critical component of effective personal growth is the development of empathy for the feelings, circumstances, and viewpoints of others.

Ethical self-help is not based on the selfish concept or idea of helping only ourselves, and leaving others to fight their own battles by themselves.

But, effective self-help theory does recognize that we can do little to help others if we do not grow into fully balanced and mature individuals with both inward and outward directed vision.

Legitimate self-help and personal development programs assist in achieving that maturity and outlook.

Dennis Mellersh


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