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Personal growth: Doing what we want to do with our lives April 15, 2018

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in personal development ideas.
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There are advantages in resisting our impulses for instant gratification and opting instead for greater satisfaction at a later date, presumably because the eventual reward will be greater than the satisfaction we gain by giving in to current temptation.

Enjoy one cookie  now, or several cookies later.

Banks and other investment institutions tell us to save now – forgo that custom latte every morning, and other personal indulgences, put away the money not spent, and retire later in life with plenty of financial assets to really enjoy ourselves.

It’s sound advice, but…

In terms of personal development, if carried too far, this idea of sacrificing now, can rob us of genuine fulfillment as we move through the unfolding stages of our life.

At the extreme end of the choices scale, we might, for example, stick with a job we don’t like, working at something that doesn’t excite us in the slightest, instead of trying something new that we really care about.

Maybe sometimes, unless there are extenuating circumstances,  we need to be a little more adventurous.

And, speaking of what people can do with their lives…

There is an interesting series on the PBS NewsHour broadcast and website titled, Brief But Spectacular.

It consists of brief vignettes, usually just a little over three minutes in length, of various things people are doing that they are passionate about.

Here’s the link: