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Combatting discouragement in our personal growth program January 3, 2013

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in Discouragement.
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In pursuing our personal growth goals there can be times when discouragement sets in.

This can be caused by such factors as: a failure to achieve a personal development goal within a specified time period; the inability to “get going” effectively on our overall self-improvement program; or perhaps the realization that a growth goal we previously set has to be abandoned.

However feeling discouraged about our program can also be caused by other circumstances.

I am reminded of a “slogan” and acronym I have heard several times that relates to this situation, namely, HALT.

The letters stand for:

If you have a lack of energy because you are hungry you may become discouraged
If you are angry about something your judgement will be affected
If you are lonely, it can make you feel “down”
If you are tired you may not feel like taking a new initiative

The remedies for these circumstances are fairly obvious, and may even sound simplistic, but they are not necessarily easy to do when you are feeling “blue”, so you will need to push yourself:
Eat sensibly throughout the day to maintain stable blood sugar levels
Examine you angry and use your ego management techniques to improve emotional balance
Get out of the house and meet people, even if it is just going to the coffee shop
Get proper rest to maintain effective energy levels.