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Personal growth: What is the best book for you? May 21, 2014

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in Concept of personal development, Personal Growth Books.
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When people initially start a program of personal growth and development, one of the most common searches they do is for “best book on personal development,” or words to that effect.

The search could also be for best program, best template, best system – best anything that can be utilized in a self-improvement capacity.

Unfortunately, one size (the best) does not fit all.

The only best book or program is one that is suited to your own individual life situation and temperament.

You may find a book or program which you feel generally fits your personality and life circumstances, but it is not likely that it will fulfill all of your self-improvement needs.

Most books and programs about personal development fall into three broad categories:

(1) Books focused on the principles of ideal conduct
(2) Books providing techniques for learning a variety of practical skills or capabilities
(3) Books that are Inspirational and/or spiritual

The best book for you is one that you virtually create for yourself by reading a variety of books or programs from each of the three categories and then adopting the ideas and techniques that are most applicable to your particular circumstance.