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Self-actualization: Thoughts and actions reflecting our speech March 17, 2018

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in Personal Development Potential.
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In our efforts to maximize our personal development potential, one of the steps we can take is to make an effort to speak more positively, which leads to the larger question of whether doing this can make us think more positively and act more positively.

An obvious benefit of developing the idea and habit of speaking positively is that it is a personal growth action step, a tangible behavior with measurable results. With a bit of effort we can tell if we are speaking more positively or not.

Sometimes self-realization and self-actualization advice asks us to make non-measurable emotional or intellectual commitments or resolutions in our personal development programs; and this can be discouraging when we try to determine if we are making actual progress.

But in some cases we need to make the effort and have faith that by taking concrete tangible action steps, that those steps can result in an improvement in our emotional and intellectual status and ultimately lead to a more measurable result.

Hopefully then, if we speak more positively, we will begin to think more positively, and in turn we may then also begin to act more positively.

— Dennis Mellersh