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Self-actualization: How late we tend to learn and appreciate March 17, 2018

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in Personal Development Potential.
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Sometimes in our personal growth efforts, it seems like we need a lot of living to learn and to appreciate the importance of people we somewhat took for granted earlier in life such as:

The high school teacher who successfully pounded important study subjects like history or literature into our resisting heads

The childhood friend we had so much in common with but who moved away and with whom we have gradually “lost touch”

The many colleagues from “our work” whose company we enjoyed and whom we learned from, but whom we let fade away as we pursued new ventures

The person or persons, who at a difficult point in our lives, lent a helping hand that enabled us to regroup and move forward

The brother or sister we are “going to visit soon”

We each have our own “list” of such people whom we should probably re-connect with.

Maybe it’s time to do it instead of thinking about it.

Before it’s too late…

— Dennis Mellersh