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Personal growth: Fear, doing, and confidence November 13, 2017

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in Fear and Anxiety.
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Trying something new often stimulates a fear component which can immobilize us, whether it is in our self-actualization and self-improvement program, or something simply related to daily living.

The fear of doing something can be minor, or it can be overwhelming, depending on both our confidence level, and the magnitude of what we are attempting.

In our minds we can up with an assortment of reasons why we should (a) postpone doing what we are contemplating, or (b) completely retreat, deciding to not do anything.

The key reason that we often hesitate or pull back is that we might we might fail.

The writer Ray Bradbury has advised us to jump off the cliff (of doing) and to build our wings on the way down.

We will usually be pleasantly surprised to realize that we can fly.

— Dennis Mellersh