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Achieving personal growth in the only timeframe that counts June 29, 2018

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in Living in the Now.
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Most of us, for whatever reason, tend to dwell inordinately on the past and on the future while not investing equivalent emotional and intellectual energy in today, the only day that counts.

A tendency that seems to be an inescapable characteristic of the human condition.

And yet, if we look metaphorically at past, present, and future as being either open or closed portals to our personal growth, it is clear that:

Yesterday is totally closed to any possible transactions.

Tomorrow is also closed, or more accurately, not yet open for any actions.

But today, with its many positive possibilities, is open now for action and accomplishment.

So, why do we expend so much energy in the timeframes in which we can’t actually do anything?

Dennis Mellersh