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Personal growth: The power of the unsaid and the non-verbal April 6, 2017

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in Concept of personal growth.
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By Dennis Mellersh

What is not said can have great power.

Similarly, a communicative force exists in the world of the inanimate and non-verbal.

Both circumstances can help smooth the path to self-actualization.

Eastern spiritual philosophies focused on self-improvement and personal enlightenment often emphasize the rewards of both personal silence and of observing that which is silent.

Consider this brief Confucius anecdote:

The Master said, “I’d love to just say nothing.”

“But if you say nothing,” said Adept Kung, how would we disciples hand down your teachings?”

“What has Heaven* ever said?” replied the Master. “The four seasons keep turning and the hundred things keep emerging – but what has Heaven ever said?” (1)

* The term Heaven in the writings of Confucius, as explained by David Hinton, refers to “Natural process. Or, more descriptively, the inevitable unfolding of things in the cosmological process.”

(1) Confucius, The Analects, in The Four Chinese Classics, translated, and with commentary by David Hinton, Counterpoint, Berkeley, California, 2013. http://www.counterpointpress.com


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