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Living in day-tight compartments: Difficult, but necessary June 6, 2017

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in Living in the Now.
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At some point in our personal development work, many of us will come across the advice that we should try to live in day-tight compartments.

And, although it’s good advice, it’s also very tough to do consistently.

Most of us like to dream about the future, to make plans (often just in our heads) about what we would like to do with our lives. We like to think about all the possible options available to us and imagine our lives unfolding within those options and life-possibilities.

In this mind-frame, self-improvement opportunities are abundant, and we enjoy mentally imagining ourselves within these scenarios.

This type of personal growth projecting provides a pleasant and sometimes even mildly euphoric mental and emotional experience.

It’s enjoyable.

But, if we aren’t careful, it can also evolve into day-dreaming and hiding.

When we are young, the paths of life seem like infinite six-lane highways of potential that we can explore endlessly.

But with each new year, we will find that increasingly, the lanes of opportunity are actually finite and choices need to be made.

We can still plan, we can still dream, but we also need to start “doing” today and every day.

— Dennis Mellersh