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Personal growth: Defeating primal brain obstacles to success September 12, 2017

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in Fear and Anxiety.
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Fear is one of the biggest success-path interrupters and yet, ironically, some people try use fear to “motivate” others within their sphere of influence.

Using fear as a “motivator” is probably an effective tactic to gain compliance, but it will generally not lead to success with whatever project is involved.

The onset of fear, that feeling that our stomach just filled with ice water, is familiar to us all and is caused in part by the amygdala, aka primal brain, primitive brain,  lizard brain.

People using fear to “motivate” by triggering the amygdala response are actually shutting down creativity and innovation in the people they are trying to lead.

Seth Godin has an interesting take on what we can do to avoid being captives of fear.

Some of his ideas can be found in an interview on YouTube:

It’s part 5 of a series.

—Dennis Mellersh