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Personal growth: Imitating Thoreau’s self-sufficiency ideas April 8, 2018

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in personal development ideas.
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It could be an interesting intellectual and emotional experiment in the realm of self-actualization ideas to see if we could imitate, in our mentally-oriented personal growth programs, the physically focussed two-year experiment of Henry David Thoreau who in 1845, built his own home in the woods near Walden Pond, living alone, close to nature, a mile from his nearest neighbour.

His goal was to live with the greatest self-sufficiency and simplicity as possible, depending as much as was practicable on no-one but himself.

What it would be like to duplicate this process in our minds by giving up all contact with the self-actualization information world for a period of, say, two months?

No mental uploading of any personal development media whatsoever…

… a vacation from the constantly increasing flow of self-help information and opinions competing for our attention.

A chance to live by our own mental, spiritual, and emotional resources.

But, feeling the need to always keep up to date with the self-help universe can sometimes seem like an addiction, the pull is so strong.

Perhaps we’d need to try this by starting with one week’s abstinence…or one day.

Dennis Mellersh