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Personal development: Waiting hopefully for opportunities October 5, 2018

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in Goal Setting and Realization.
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In our efforts to improve ourselves, whether in financial matters, emotional balance, or adding to our accomplishments in general, we may turn to such assists as affirmations, statements of intent and purpose, and goal planning in order to succeed.

Essentially, we are looking for opportunities.

And the key process lever for prying loose those opportunities is action.

Why is action so important?

Because the opportunities made available to us, or sent our way, do not wake-up those who are asleep. (1)

We ensure that we are awake and alert to incoming opportunities by making sure we take action steps towards our goals and do not spend excessive time in planning and other non-action steps.

Planning and similar activities are important, but usually comfortable.

Taking action is hard, and scary.

But it’s the only route to really getting things done.

(1) Paraphrased from a quote by Richard Templar

Dennis Mellersh