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Personal growth: The pain and futility of resisting change February 9, 2018

Posted by Dennis Mellersh in Tao Te Ching.
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In our work at implementing our personal development programs and self-actualization plans we may need to be careful not to seek too much control over circumstances outside of ourselves, as trying to influence the outside world may be counter-productive.

We will accomplish more, become more self-aware, and be more effective by embracing the inevitability of change instead of resisting it. The Universe will unfold in its own way at its own pace.

By refusing to recognize that change is inevitable, we will try to hold on to things and situations, and suffer the inescapable pain of loss.

These are some of the implications in  number 74 of Lao-tzu’s ancient Chinese classic, the Tao Te Ching, as translated/interpreted by Stephen Mitchell. (1)

Consider the second verse in this selection:

“Trying to control the future
is like trying to take the master carpenter’s place.
When you handle the master carpenter’s tools,
chances are that you’ll cut your hand.”

… A perceptive insight to consider.

(1) Tao Te Ching, as translated/interpreted by Stephen Mitchell, A New English Version, Harper/Perennial, New York, 1991

— Dennis Mellersh